The Lived Experiences of Working Senior High School Students in the New Normal: A Grounded Theory

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Hannah Jane M. Romano, Mark N. Abadiano, PhD


Educational systems are likewise preparing for the new born era characterized by “new normal”. The Department of Education ensure that learning opportunities shall continue and are provided to the learners through alternative learning delivery amidst the drastic situation. This study explores how the student creates ways to maximize their time in working and in studying. This qualitative study also aims to identify and explores students' experiences while working using grounded theory. The in-depth interviews with the respondents exposed four emerging themes: Theme 1: Drastic situations amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic, Theme 2: Unfavourable Effects and Challenges Encountered, Theme 3: Internal and External Motivations to Overcome Obstacles and Theme 4: Learnings and Suggestions Gathered in the Journey. Based on the participants’ responses on their perceptions on working while studying, it is confirmed that financial support, difficult situation, internal and external motivation to integrate theory are among the driving forces of working while studying. The findings also show that the participants encountered physical and mental health, stress, and distraction. Moreover, it shows that the effective ways of overcoming the problems they encounter is through work-study-life balance, positive thinking, seeking for spiritual guidance and self-trust. Lastly, good time management, perseverance, determination, knowing priorities and becoming resposible are the suggestions they shared for their co-working students to succeed.

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