Rain Water Harvesting Using Runoff From National Highway

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R. Arun Prathap, Sharanya Balki, R.G Dhilip Kumar, S.Seena Simon


Water is one of the main resources used by the human for the daily needs. As in the metropolitan region, the daily water is supplied through pipelines from various reservoir to localized areas. We noticed after the rainfall, the water gets evaporated and submerged on roads. So, alternatively we decided to preserve the rainfall water collecting through the drainage system. As the objective of our project is to provide recharge pit for the recharge of ground water table. Our Project evaluated area is 48000 square meter.  By using the annual rainfall data, the volume of rainfall is calculated. Based on the Soil type, filter media is designed where rainwater is collected from drainage. The suspended particles are separated in drainage system as the water flows freely into the filter media and thus recharges the ground water. Our estimated costing of this project is around One Lakh Rupees which is more efficient to improve the ground water table by 1m.

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