Performance Evaluation of Groundwater Quality in Tiruvallur

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Sharanya Balki, S.Gopinath, R.G Dhilip Kumar, S.Seena Simon, R. Arun Prathap


The present area of study is about evaluating the performance of the dug well system in Tiruvallur district. The spread over an area is 3422 sq. km. The latitude of this district is between 12º15' N and 79º15' E, and the longitude is between 13º15' N and 80º20' E.  For the study, data collection includes maps, toposheets, water quality data, well locations for about 10 dug well stations, and the spatial variation analysis is done using QGIS. Water Quality Index has been calculated for various parameters such as pH, Total hardness(TH),  Total dissolved solids(TDS), Electrical conductivity. This paper assesses groundwater quality status by interpreting with thematic maps, which show the distribution of water quality parameters for the current scenario.

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