Effective Ways of Teaching Reading Skills to B1 Level Learners

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Muhammedova Nargiza Kamiljonovna, Gataulina Gulnara Aliaskarovna


Some texts, like in philosophy, literature or scientific research, may appear more difficult to read because of the prior knowledge they assume, the tradition from which they come, or the tone, such as criticizing or parodizing. Philosopher Jacques Derrida, explained his opinion about complicated text: "In order to unfold what is implicit in so many discourses, one would have each time to make a pedagogical outlay that is just not reasonable to expect from every book. Here the responsibility has to be shared out, mediated; the reading has to do its work and the work has to make its reader." Other philosophers, however, believe that if you have something to say, you should be able to make the message readable to a wide audience.

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