Implementation of K To 12 Among Home Economics Teachers in the Division of Northern Samar

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Neonita P. Delorino, Tito M. Cabili


This study assessed the implementation specifically of the Home Economics among Grades 7 to 10 teachers of the Division of Northern Samar. The descriptive undertaking qualitative determined the problems met by the teachers and administrators, the students, and the parents in the implementation of the K to 12 program. Issues and concerns were documented and analyzed; solutions to the problems met were forwarded. All were perceptual as interviews with/to the identified sets of stakeholders were conducted. It surfaced that the lack of IM’s and subject references was the most observed problem. Basic Home Economics theoretical underpinnings and activities were not given more focus rather entrepreneurship was given more focus. Insufficient structures and lack of equipment and the lack of teachers’ skills and training were the identified issues and concerns of the Home Economics Teachers. Solutions forwarded which the government agencies may consider were the allotment of enough funds solely for Home Economics and the proper assignment of teachers according to their field of specializations. This hoped to improve the learners’ competencies along with Home Economics.

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