Conceptual Vs. Procedural Knowledge In Mathematics: A Look At Tertiary Students

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Mary June T. Adalla


Strong conceptual knowledge supports the knowledge of different mathematical procedures. The research looked into the level of conceptual and procedural values and the relations to some profile variables. The study utilized the descriptive-correlational designs where 394 sophomore tertiary students of the University of Eastern Philippines served as respondents. Data from an adapted instrument were treated using frequency counts, percentages, weighted means, multiple regression analysis, and Pearson Product Moment Correlation. The respondents are mostly female, have inadequate learning resources at home and in school, have very high conceptual and procedural values, very good procedural knowledge, and poor conceptual knowledge. Conceptual knowledge is significantly related to learning resources at home, conceptual values, and procedural values, while procedural knowledge is significantly related to conceptual values. The conceptual and procedural knowledge was significantly related. There is a need to design lessons focused on the acquisition of conceptual knowledge to strengthen procedural knowledge.

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