A Study on the Diasporic Aspect in the Novel Memories of Rain by Sunetra Gupta

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S. Devipriya , Mary Thomas


Diapora has gathered momentum in the recent past of literature. It is an immense topic that highlights literary works composed by authors outside their country. Migration has resulted in the sense of acculturation and estrangement. Diaspora speaks about a sense of loss of inheritance, identity crisis, displacement. It also speaks about fragmentation and unification of culture. Sunetra Gupta, in her novel Memories of Rain, expresses the plight of an Indian woman, Moni, married to an English man, Anthony, for having settled in a foreign land. Gupta has depicted Moni as a woman who is hesitant to leave her husband because she is emotionally dependent on him. The readers can find her inability to share her sorrows with her husband. The culture where she was brought up doesn't encourage her to walkout of the wedlock or hurt her husband. The sense of estrangement and loss of inheritance is explained in the paper through the protagonist Moni's vivid experience on foreign soil.

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