A Review Article on Impact of Social Engineering Attacks against Security of IoT

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Ambika V , Shashank N , Tanuja Kayarga , Pruthvi P R


Today, for many people Internet of Things (IoT) devices are accepted and trusted parts of everyday life. A security risk associated with IoT which is often overlooked is the increased vulnerability to social engineering attacks which are psychological attacks directly on humans using devices, rather than the devices themselves. The use of modern IoT devices has unfathomably expanded the span of an attacker, and the success of social engineering attacks. IoT devices often hold the trust of users as they belong to a family of devices which they have been able to safely use for years. The trust relationship between users and IoT devices makes them an effective avenue for social engineering attacks because users are more likely to accept information received from them without question. Social engineering in the IoT is a strong type of force-multiplier as people ultimately have control of all 'things' connected: hack the person and you have access to it all, which could be their home, their business, their car, and their personal information. Successful social engineering attacks through IoT frameworks could prompt an idea of being encircled by threatening gadgets, and extraordinarily impede advancement; making the results of  consequences of social engineering attacks in the IoT convincing.


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