“A study on Psycho-social problems faced by the adolescent children in alcoholic family.”

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K. Emmanuel, Dr. B. Manickavasagam


The purpose of this study is to discuss the psychosocial issues that adolescent children face when their parents are alcoholics. The study was conducted using published articles, books, and websites. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 2 billion people consume alcoholic beverages worldwide, with 76.3 million having a diagnosable alcohol use disorder. Alcoholics' children in India face significant difficulties. The uncertainty of his behavior, poor communication, social embarrassment, fear of the future, frustration at not being able to change his drinking, and having to take on his responsibilities on top of her own puts her under a great deal of physical and mental stress.

Children have higher rates of depression and anxiety than adults. Children of alcoholics frequently engage in suicidal behavior as a result of the stress caused by their fathers' drinking. Children of alcoholics frequently engage in suicidal behavior in response to the stress brought on by their father's drinking. It has an impact on children's education. Children's psychosocial difficulties among alcoholics were highlighted in the study. As a result, the central and state governments should adopt strong measures to restrict India's alcohol supply.

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