Relationship between organizational culture, employee satisfaction and organizational commitment

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Sarantuya Jigjiddorj , Altanchimeg Zanabazar , Tsolmon Jambal


Organizational culture is an important human resource management issue that affects the success and sustainability of a company. In organizational settings, culture describes what is unique about an organization, as expressed by the shared beliefs and values established by the founders and communicated through different ways. This shapes employees´ perceptions and behaviour, as well as the principles that apply to members of an organization.

Job satisfaction refers to an employee´s feelings about their job and is frequently studied in relation to organizational culture and other variables, such as job commitment, performance and organizational commitment.

Organizational commitment refers to whether an employee wishes to continue working for an organization or leave it. Employees tend to be attracted to those organizations with a culture that values their work and focuses on organizational wellbeing. There is a positive relationship between organizational culture, job satisfaction and the organizational commitment of employees.

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