The Conflict between Self and Society in the Life of Amrita Pritam

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R.Rajathilak, Dr. M.V. Sivakumar


Amrita Pritam is one of the most celebrated luminaries of Indian literature that had dexterity over both Punjabi and English languages. She had been a great creative genius among all the born poets and writers who achieved the greatest milestones in the field of literature and expressed the voice of not only their heart but also the common people at large. She had a bold and clear voice for all those feelings that make our eyes full of tears and sometimes give us the greatest joy of life and sometimes tell us the greatest truth of life. She is the writer whose works have been translated in various languages of India as well as the world and has won the most prestigious awards like Sahitya Academy, Janpith, and various other awards not only in India but also abroad. In this chapter, I would like to focus on the two most striking conflicts of her life which changed her perceptions of the world of metaphysics and that of reality: her conflict about the existence of god and her conflict in love.

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