The Originality Of Modern Literature

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KamilovaSaodatErgashevn,EgamberdievaGuzalMadiyarovna,AkhmedovaMadinabonuMakhmudjanovna, YuldashevaNilufarkhonUbaydullayevn, BuranovaJamilaAliyevna


In the modern literature of the 21st century, which characterized by a variety of forms, mixing and mixing of genres and styles, there is a resuscitation of many genres that lost their relevance in the Soviet years.This article analyzes the ideological and thematic content of the stories from the cycle of IldarAbuzyarov and TemurPulatov, and identifies the type of a new hero in the stories of ZakharPrilepin. The following themes highlighted in the stories: the theme of the East, creativity, mythology, myth, and loneliness.Modern literature of the 21st century, diverse in its aesthetic principles and philosophical attitudes, reflects the complex, dynamic reality that we experience, filled with various events and characters.

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