Covid Free Challan Form Filling System

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Ms. Geetha S K, Ms.Suganthi A, Dr.P.Arulprakash, Ms.R.Roopa, Mr.T.Udhyakumar


Banking plays a vital role in human economic activity. In the context of COVID -19 pandemic, banks need to ensure and serve better to their customers by use of many digital tools and new products and services. In recent years the applications related to banking had been made simple and easier for the society with the facilities provide in online banking system. Any kind of services can be accessed by an individual to an extended range of services. Yet there exists people who are unfamiliar with the technologies that are used for processing online bank applications. Disabled persons and senior most citizens feel complex to fill the various bank related forms like for money deposit challan, moneny withdraw challan. The proposed work aims to overcome the issue faced by the various types of banking customers while filling different types of forms. The exploration of the research work is developing a modularized framework for form filling application through speech interface. The application done with help of few integrated modules. Module for recognize object, speech to text module to decode and making it a verified transaction with a feedback mechanism.


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