Design of Microstrip Filter for Wide Band Applications

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Manikya Krishna Chaitanya Durbhakula, Srilakshmi Aouthu, E.Sreenivasa Rao


In this paper, a novel integrated microstrip filter technology useful for wideband and narrow band applications is presented. This design integrates both Low Pass Filter (LPF) and High Pass Filter (HPF) design techniques to achieve the desired band pass characteristics. The optimized results achieved for the given structure by proper tuning of the attached stubs. The designed filters are working in the Ultra-Wide Band ranging from 3 GHz to 11 GHz and it is observed that the combinational filter can even work from 2 GHz to 17 GHz. The proposed structure is simulated using MATLAB-Tool Box and the corresponding results are discussed. These filters are more useful for the modern wireless devices for UWB applications.

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