Safe-Intelligent Temperature and Attendance Monitoring System for Industries and Educational Institutions

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Sivaramakrishnan Rajendar, Abilash K J M, Hari Navaneeth S K, Jayasuriya R


COVID-19 has become a global threat in the last year. It has made the economy upside down and brought dramatic changes in people’s life. Though the treatment for COVID-19 is promising and vaccines are emerging, it is relatively important to take preventive measures. The industries, educational institutions and other sectors have resumed their operations post the initial lockdown periods. It is essential at these places to monitor the temperature of the people at the entry to be cautious and prevent the spread. But, it is cumbersome if the population is high and exclusive personnel is required for this task. Hence, this paper aims to introduce a safe and automatic temperature monitoring system that eliminates the human need and ensures his/ her safety as well. A person is merely expected to stand before the temperature monitoring system. The system will capture the temperature and will show indication based on the threshold temperature. Besides, the system is extended to record the attendance of the person upon reading the face and temperature. This extension would support the industries and educational institutions where temperature monitoring and attendance registry are important. The system effectively uses a temperature sensor, ultrasonic sensor, LCD and face detection algorithm. The outcomes of this system are promising upon the miniature implementation.

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