Sources of sensory image in the poetry of Islamic poets

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Prof. Assist. Dr. Entiha Abbas Aliwi


The importance of the sensory image is being the tool that sits above all other poetic tools, so its presence or absence judges this speech that we call poetry, because it is the most influential tool in the soul, and the most capable of fixing the idea and feeling in it. Since it is the visible or tangible face of the imagination, it evokes emotions and moves them from their places, and is based on the emission of emotion, which is the first purpose of poetry, as the sensory image is a way to establish the emotional effects of poetry in our souls, and most of it is that the Islamic poet realized the beauty of the assets and employed his pictures in his poetry and he invested various scenes and colors to convey his experiences and draw their frameworks, and for the importance of its  study  in Islamic poetry and to stand on some technical aspects in it.                                                                                                                   

The research included three topics  preceded by an introduction, and the first topic  was the metaphorical image, the second topic  was metaphorical images, and the third topic was the phrase  image, using the analytical description method, and  I ended my research with the conclusion of  the research and its most important sources.

  Research Questions:-


1- Do sensory images in Islamic poetry have a positive role in developing the recipient's critical taste.                                                                 

 2- Are the suggestive connotations in visual images considered a cognitive, cultural and aesthetic tool?

3- Are the artistic frameworks in the sensory image in Arab Islamic poetry an effective role in developing the aesthetic sense of the recipient.

4-Is reading the aesthetic frameworks in describing pictures sensually a means of acquiring the skills of criticism, taste and technical analysis for poetic and literary reading


Research Objectives: The research aimed at the following:

1- Clarifying the elements of the symbolic frameworks in which the poet was employed in his sensory images.

2 - suggestive of critical reading of Arabic literature by studying the true meaning of the sensory image in forming the structure of the poem.

3 - Developing an artistic taste for the poetic texts of the Islamic era.

4- Explaining the extent to which the poet was affected by the life surrounding him as part of  his poetic life


Research Methodology: The researcher used the descriptive-analytical approach, the descriptive approach based on collecting information from references and relevant sources to build the theoretical framework for the research, the deductive analytical approach to what was mentioned in the relevant intellectual and critical literature to reach the research results.


The importance of the research: The contribution of our research to the sources of sensory image in the poetry of  Islamic poets lies in the absence of an independent and comprehensive study to study the employment of sensory image in the poetry of Islamic poets, as well as standing on the aesthetic features in the imagination of the Arab poet of its  poetic image.                                                                                    

Research problem: The sensory image in Islamic poetry has not received a specialized study of this kind until this time, and perhaps this reluctance to repeat it in the places , but the lesson does not lie behind the abundance of poetry: describing the visual image or saying it as much as what its poetry contains of quality, originality and creativity, even if studies were contingent on the abundance of prescribing; to neglect the study of many poets.                       

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