Entrepreneurship Education and Graduate Employment Rate in a Developing Economy

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Nwanneka C. Ghasi, Cross Ogohi Daniel, Adebayo Isaac Adio, Ebunoluwa I. Aina


This study examined the relationship between entrepreneurship education and graduate employment rate in Nigeria. Survey design method was adopted and a descriptive statistics based frequency tables were used in the study to provide information on the key variables. In order to actualize the key objective, primary data was collected through a self-administered questionnaire from a number of 222 respondents who were graduates of selected tertiary institutions in Enugu, Oyo and Plateau States Nigeria. SPSS was employed to aid the data analysis.  Having analyzed the data, the study found out that there is no significant effect of present entrepreneurship education on graduate employment rate in Nigeria. Guided by this finding, the study recommended that there should be a purposive training of all lecturers and instructors on entrepreneurship education: lecturers should be recruited, trained and re-trained in the area of entrepreneurship education. They should be sponsored to attend local and international conferences to acquire more knowledge so that they can effectively transfer entrepreneurial skills into the students

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