An Android-Based Water Quality Monitoring System and Alerting Through SMS

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S.Prabu, A. Arthi, B.Natarajan, V. Deepak, S. Syed Husain


Drinking water is one of the most important essential element either for human or living organisms. Due to urbanisation, industrialization and increasing population growth may lead to high demand in water supply and also affects the water quality. In few years, there were only a few industries available in a particular region, so the chances of water get polluted is very low. But nowadays there is more number of factories are available in all regions, so the water gets polluted very easily. Drinking water is the main source for the spreading of diseases. Providing pure quality water is a serious concern throughout the globe. To provide pure drinking water, the quality of the water needs to be monitored in real-time. In this paper, we proposed an advanced quality monitoring system using IoT. The microcontroller PIC16F84 is used as the main component for the water level monitoring system and also its guide used to notify the purity level of water in the tank to the cleaning agent using some components and sensors. The pH Sensor is used to check the water quality by using this sensor’s parameter. The pH level is measured in real-time by the sensor and the GSM module used to send a notification to the cleaning agent about the purity level periodically using a newly developed android application by including the location of the water tank with the help of a GPS module where the data is stored in SQLite. When the pH level of the water goes below the given purity threshold then an immediate alert message will be sent to the cleaning agent. If the tank is not cleaned by particulars within a certain period then the notification will be forwarded to their’s higher officials. If again the proper action is not taken then the water flow will be stopped using solenoid valve and notification gets posted on popular social media such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. The uniqueness of the proposed system aid to provide quality drinking water to society with a high efficient water monitoring system.

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