Insights into Second Language Teaching and Learning – An Analysis to Enhance Learner Competency

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Ms. Lavanya Paluri , Ms. Vandana Kaushik , Dr. P. Justin Sudhakar(PhD) ,Dr. Rashmi Maniar ,Ms. Archana Sharma


The globalized business arena has brought about the need for employees who are excellently skilled in their English language skills. To compete with business worldwide, corporate organizations are always on the look for employees with adequate language skills. This has thrust the need for adopting effective language teaching methods in educational establishments. When language acquisition pedagogies are implemented efficiently in classrooms, the tertiary learners are facilitated to become proficient in their language skills. Imparting effective skills amongst these learners has become the paramount need for educational institutions. These institutions have to focus on both technical and language skills in order to make the learners employable in esteemed organizations. For language acquisition to materializemeritoriously, both teachers and the learners play a prominent role. The teachers and the learners equally contribute to the language learning process. This paper focuses on analyzing the effectual language teaching and learning conceptsthat enhance learners’ language proficiency and competency.

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