Researching Learners’ Participation in English Using Education 4.0 Applications to Improve Language Abilities

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V. Srivani , A. Hariharasudan


Education 4.0 is an approach to learning which developed with the arrival of fourth Industrial Revolution in order to shape the future of education by integrating advanced technology and automation. Creativity is the primary focus of Education 4.0. It prepares the students to face the challenges of industrial world through novel methods and aids of learning. Education 4.0 grants space to the independent professionalism to work in the digital environment and the leaners to get the experience of experiential learning. English language grabs a pivotal role in all the aspects of life, and has dominated the sectors such as medicine, law, education and engineering undoubtedly. English language acts as a tool in transacting and disseminating the knowledge of scientific advancements and other domains. As a vehicle, English language has occupied a dominating position in the field of education, and this demands the students to be proficient in English language skills. To achieve this target, today’s English teachers adopt different English language teaching methods across the globe. Education 4.0 is one such method of English language teaching and learning adopted by many teachers and students. The present research intends to determine the participation of the students in improving their English language abilities using Education 4.0. It attempts to examine the English Language Learning of Engineering students of Warangal using Education 4.0 and its impact on their language acquisition. This research has been conducted with 306 Engineering students of Warangal, India by circulating a questionnaire and the collected data has been analyzed using SPSS tool.

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