Impact of Employees’emotıonal Intellıgence on CRM Effectıveness in Bankıng Industry of Valsad Dıstrıct

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Nupur Angirish , Dr. Vijay Sharma


Banking industry comes in the category of   early adopters of CRM. As the industry is highly competitive, CRM helps the banks in understanding customer’s present and future needs on the basis of their past behaviour. CRM is a combination of people, process and technology, in which the people component is often neglected one. CRM helps in better decision making. Emotional Intelligence, a trait of human beings also helps in decision making. As CRM also leads to decision making so EI may be playing a role in CRM. Most of the studies done in the context of CRM has focused on customer’s emotion instead of employee's emotion in customer-employee relationship. Hence this research was taken up to investigate the impact of employees’ emotional intelligence on CRM Effectiveness in banking industry of Valsad District from employee’s perception. The findings of the study stated that there is a relationship between the two constructs.

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