Challenges in Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Students

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P. Janardhana Kumar Reddy, Dr. R. S. S. Nehru


The analysis of the skills needed by people to manage and live a better quality of life is referred to as "life skills." Life skills assist us in achieving our goals and desires in a more efficient manner. They instil hope in us and make us feel safe by teaching us life skills.There is no definite set of life skills. According to W.H.O. they gave few skills helpful for students.  Some skills may be useful and some may not be relevant. It depends upon the circumstances in which adolescents are living. Our society is a dynamic state, it will continuously changes according to the needs, deeds and developments. So every individual try to adjust themselves with the surrounding which they live. Hence every individual in this society should have the ability to use proper tools and techniques to lead a successful life. The most important life skill in ability to learn and adjust according to the circumstances.

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