Optimization Technique Focused on Back-Pressure Production Occurrences of Fixed 4-Stroke Diesel Generator using ANN & DA Modeling

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M. S. Deshmukh, D. S. Deshmukh


This paper focuses on the phenomena of backpressure mostly in context of a compression ignition engine. Efficient use of treatment strategies explicitly with C.I. engine needs a crucial examination of the overall exhaust system used. Searching for Diesel Particulate Filters mostly as technological advances is indeed very effective since particulates are known as a common cancer source. Backpressure primarily functioning upon this engine is perhaps the critical aspect that essentially performance of that same engine is significantly impacted as well as air pollution system requirements. The current study simulation is done to determine the correlation seen between geometrical parametric variations of its exhaust component of the system for assessment of a backpressure generation phenomenon. Backpressure was created on a static C.I. Engine by attaching a new diesel particulate filter to the exhaust system for the test case. As per methodology suggested for design of the experiments, testing of the prepared setup is done. That value of the coefficient of correlation between both the data observed and the data sets computed is calculated. The research finding shows an essential context for improving it’s designed to operate efficiency of the system by optimizing the model for all types of I.C. Engines.

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