Comparative Analysis on Penetration of ATM transactions between Public Sector banks in India

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Abhinav Kataria, Dr. Ferojuddin M A Khan, Dr. Adarsh Garg


Stable financial System is pre requirement for transforming developing economy into developed economy. Efficient use of Information technology, Capital, Human resource, material, natural resources etc ensure the fast pace for National prosperity and overall economic development. Of all the strictures stated above technological is perhaps the utmost momentous and leading factor. Most of the traditional banking practices are being disrupted due to penetration of ITES services in Financial services industry. Lately determining the impact of this interruption plays a very momentous role in the analysis and prediction of future most significant element of financial serviced industry like Banking. Present research paper is an attempt to do the comparative analysis among various public sector banks with respect to ATM and Penetration of Debit Card.

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