Stereotypical Images of Blacks in American Society: A Study of Paul Beatty’s The Sellout

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Sanjay Kumar, Dr. Gowher Ahmad Naik


Paul Beatty is a man booker prize-winning novelist who has discussed the stereotypical images of blacks in detail in his novels, especially The Sellout. He is the first American author who received this prestigious prize in 2016 for The Sellout. In his novels, particularly The Sellout, he has delineated the sufferings of Afro-Americans in American society. He has discussed that there is prejudice and animosity against blacks that still prevails in America. The white Americans have used race as a weapon to power and rule over blacks. Through various stereotypical images, blacks in American society are dehumanized and demoralized. Beatty reflects that there are many negative stereotypes against black Americans. The whites use it to undermine the identity of blacks and consider them inferior. The white Americans have created false stereotypes of blacks as evil, dirty, stupid, and weak. In this way, they have been demonized and marginalized. Afro-Americans have confronted this problem for generations, and it creates difficulty in their lives to live a better life. Beatty has presented an accurate picture of black people’s experiences in America in his novel. This novel will be analysed from the perspective of Dr Cornell West.

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