Morphological and morphometric features of the testis structure of male white rats during postnatal ontogenesis

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Olga Sergeevna Shubina, Natalia Anatolievna Dudenkova, Tatiana Alexandrovna Maskaeva, Marina Viktorovna Labutina, Nina Dmitrievna Chegodaeva


Using histological and morphometric research methods, the features of the spermatogenesis process in the convoluted seminal tubules of the testes of male white rats are shown. As a biological test object, white mongrel sexually mature male rats weighing 200-250 grams were used in the work. The material of the study is the testes of white male rats. Based on the morphometric measurements carried out – counting different types of spermatogenic cells in one convoluted seminal tubule, a table of their ratio was compiled. In the course of the conducted studies, it was found out that during the period of sexual maturity of male white rats, the largest percentage of the total number of spermatogenic cells in the spermatogenic epithelium are the earliest forming germ cells – spermatogonia, and when studying the quantitative change of various types of spermatogenic cells in the convoluted seminal tubule of the testes of male white rats, the largest number are mature male germ cells – spermatozoa.

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