An Appraisal of Entrepreneurship Abilities Among Physical Education Graduates

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Anshul Mehrottra, Dr. Rahul Kumar, Dr Ikram Hussain, Dr. Kalpana Sharma


The aim of the investigation is to recognize the entrepreneurship abilities and to increase the potential and knowledge amongst physical education graduates so that they can become a confident entrepreneur in the field of physical education. By SPSS 16.0 software and Kruskal Wallis test, the accumulated data was inspected and then applied for examining the difference in six variables i.e. managerial ability, innovativeness, integrity & communication, emotional stability, decision making & divergent thinking of physical education graduates into III different university. The pre assumptions were made to find the difference into the university participants on six different entrepreneurships traits. To analyze the descriptive statistical technique were used. After the investigation it has been found that there is no analytical difference in II traits i.e. Managerial Ability and Integrity & Communication and the remaining IV Entrepreneurship traits i.e. Innovativeness, Emotional Stability, Decision Making & Divergent Thinking has a statistical difference. The data were addressed at the significance level of P<0.05. The abilities help the universities graduates (Physical Education) to enhance their entrepreneurial skills and supports them to become an entrepreneur in life and these abilities also helps them to make a right choice by choosing to be an entrepreneur as a career.

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