CVS Identification through Live streaming using Machine Learning: An Elaborative Framework

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Dr. Archana B Saxena, Dr. Deepti Sharma, Dr. Deepshikha Aggarwal


Use of technology in the health sector has brought substantial expansion in identification of disease at an early stage. Our current piece is an effort to contribute more in the same direction. In the current piece of work authors are trying to identify the presence of CVS (Computer vision Syndrome) from a live video. Identification is based on few traceable and non-traceable factors that are carefully chosen under the guidance of a medical concern. Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in the detection of eye fatigue through a classification and prediction algorithm. Our current piece of work will be a great help for all those who have to spend multiple hours continuously in front of a screen or device due to Education, Professional commitments, entertainment or any other valid or invalid reason. The prominence of our work is more relevant in the current scenario where most of the jobs are executed through online mode due to the pandemic.

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