Impact of Brahmaputra River: A Case Study Among the Char Dwellers of Sipajhar Development Block In Darrang District, Assam

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Chitra Rani Barua, Dr. M. Gopal Singha


The fabric of agricultural activities in India reflect the spectrum of socio-economic variation of different socio-cultural groups. In other words the agricultural scenario reflects the intense physical heterogeneity across the socio-economic aspect. Agriculture is main occupation of the majority of population of Sipajhar development block of Darrang district. But this block is very prone to flood and bank erosion because of its topographical and hydrological characteristics. This area is characterized by frequent flooding of large magnitude, high frequency and extensive devastation. The river Brahmaputra flowing in the southern part of the area create flood year by year which plays a significant impact upon the existing landform and also upon the agricultural activities of the area. The impact of river Brahmaputra on agriculture is a tremendous way. The char dwellers of the Sipajhar development block has adjust themselves in different ways to cope with such burning problems. Loss of agricultural land and residential area is very big issue which bring threat to the dwellers.

Here an attempt has been made to focus the overall scenario of impact of Brahmaputra  river on agriculture among  the Char dwellers of Sipajhar development block.

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