Media Tools and their Impact on State Department of Agriculture Personnel for Technology Transfer in Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu– An Analysis

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Thulasiram Rajamohan, Sivaraj Paramasivam, Aravind Jayaraman, Parthasarathy Seethapathy, L. Muralikrishnan, Surendran Arumugam


Personnel in State Department of Agriculture requires several media tools for the technology transfer process.  Thanjavur District was purposively selected for the study. A simple random sampling approach was used to determine the sample size of 30. For the investigation, an ex post facto research design was developed. A semi-structured interview schedule was used to interview the respondents in person. The information gathered were examined with the use of statistical software. The majority of respondents are Agricultural Officers who were falling under young to middle-aged category had medium to high levels of mass media exposure and job satisfaction. according to the profile of the state department of extension personnel. Almost all the extension personnel were found to be aware of ICT tools and services. Half of the extension personnel were the owner of modern electronic devices (53.33 percent). A higher percentage of respondents (56.67%) had a positive attitude toward e-media and used mobile phones to deliver services to clients.

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