Study of Electrical Properties of Zinc Oxide (Zno) Nanopowder By Impedance Spectroscopy

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Chandra Kumar Dixit, Kapil Pandey,


The electrical properties of zinc Oxide (ZnO) were investigated by impedance spectroscopy over the frequency1 Hz to 10 MHz at room temperature. Scanning electron Microscopy (SEM) and Raman Spectroscopy has been done of Zinc Oxide Nanopowder ranging 40-50 nm in diameter. The morphological analysis of Zinc Oxide Nanopowder has been done by (SEM) informing the identical particles and diameters ranging 40-50 nm. Additional, the Raman shift deviation exhibit reliable peak found at 333 and 438 cm-1 of Zinc Oxide Nanopowder. The electrical studies of the Zinc Oxide (ZnO) Nanopowder have been inspected in order to obtain the dependency of electrical parameters (mainly dielectric permittivity, loss, conductivity, loss-tangent, impedance, and admittance) on frequency. Considerable dependency of the conductivity on frequency which is achieved owing to significant change in particle diameter. It calculated that the electrical parameters of Zinc Oxide Nanopowder have a great dependency on the frequency.

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