Impact of Strategic Intelligence on Organizational Excellence - An Empirical Study on Business Units

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Kuldeep Gupta, Dr Kiran Soni, Karunesh Saxena


Strategic intelligence is indeed an important tool for an organization as it plays a crucial role in enabling the companies for embracing and implementing the innovation and hence framing innovative strategies. Strategic intelligence includes foresight, visioning, and motivating for achieving organizational excellence. Studies done in the past proves that it contributes in ensuring effective decision making and gaining a greater competitive position comparing with competitors. Thus owing to its significant contribution in encouraging business activities forensuring the entrepreneurial orientation successful implementation, for attaining an enhanced business performance and hence organizational excellence, it is gaining attention from several researchers. Therefore the present research paper aims at finding out the factors of strategic intelligence in organizations and their impact on organizational excellence and stakeholders. IT and ITES companies of Delhi NCR were selected as sample for the purpose of the paper. Analysis is done with the help of “Structural Equation Model (SEM) based on Standardised Coefficient on Intelligence”. Results of the paper demonstrate that “strategic intelligence, business intelligence, artificial intelligence and knowledge management” are the key factors of strategic intelligence that influence the organizational excellence positively. The findings of this paper can be used by relevant parties to improve their approach for strategic intelligence, which will help senior management and HR strategists develop strategies to react to the change in the local and global climate and enable the company to discover the fundamental factors.

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