Investigation Of Compressible Fluid Flow Between Spinning Rotor Cascades In Elevated Aerodynamics Using Numerical Techniques

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K.Sharada, P.Udaya Kiran,Ramu Katipelli, Yakanna Maddi, Palepu Rajendar


Fluid mechanics is an ancient science that is still very much fairly flexible. In order to advance technology, a better knowledge of the behavior of actual fluids is required. But at the other extreme, mathematics difficulties may be addressed by fresh discoveries. Due to the presence of viscous incompressible flow, fluid mechanics played a key role in this study. Several issues and challenges related to observational fluid mechanics are discussed in this paper. Conceptual Paradoxes, fundamental laws, and current investigative approaches are all addressed in this paper. Experiments, in conjunction with academic concepts and numerical simulations, are increasingly used to lay the groundwork for resolving contemporary problems. This article will discuss compressible fluid flow. As a result, specific results from high-speed aerodynamic research that have resulted in the installation and operation of devices capable of exceeding the speed of sound will be explored in more detail. Additionally, the author wishes to establish that fluid mechanics is a wide science capable of describing complex interactions between fluid flows. Empirical fluid mechanics is concerned with the discovery and implementation of solutions to flow field modelling problems, as well as the description of natural and technological phenomena

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