Online Survey for Students about Impact of Covid19 in College Education

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K. Pradeep Mohan Kumar, Raja M, Archana Kumari, Dr. Mohammad Rauf, Firos A, Dr M K Gupta


All over the world full of Covid19 pandemic presently especially education sector is extremely affected because of this present situation  in order to focus the present situation this paper mainly focus on data collection from the college students from under graduate students ( I year to IV year) as well as Post graduate students (all years)  in the form of MCQ related to impact of covid in college especially students interested in offline or online and their reason for willing to choose that mode were discussed from the result of entire survey collected from the students. The result indicates that presently students are interested in online education out of 319 students 229 (71.79%) were like online education because of two major reasons one is panic about covid (90.39%) of students and parents are not willing is about (87.78%)  only 90 students (28.21%) were like offline education that to 64.44% students because of the present most willing this survey helps the government, society, educationalist to understand the mindset and thoughts of students about the covi19 in education in order to handle the students at this pandemic period.


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