The Sustainable Development of Food Production in Agriculture Based on the Innovation in Nano-Science with Implication on Health and Environment

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Khongdet Phasinam , Thanwamas Kassanuk , Manoj Tripathi, Zubair Ahmed Khan, Ghazal Salahuddin, M.Z.M.Nomani


As the population of the world increases rapidly, the demand for agriculture and food products are increasing globally. Nanotechnology and the application of nanotechnology are the most promising solution for the transformation of conventional food and agricultural industries, aiming to improve the quality, safety and security of food and sustainable farming which revolutionizes the food and agricultural industries. Recent advancements in nanotechnology leads to new changes in the way of food perceived during farming, transporting, processing, packaging, storing, monitoring and consuming. The nanotechnology is given much importance in providing a better solution for food from farm to fork, which includes nutraceutical and functional foods, and improves nutritional status, efficiency, bio-availability, nano-additives, food texture, taste, color and package. In agriculture, various nano-products like nano-growth promoters, nano-pesticides, nano-fertilizers and several other products are available in developing and improving sustainable farming and crops. Rapid development is projected towards transforming several food and agricultural sectors, with increasing market stake and investment. Government, private and academic research centers are involved in exploring the advantages of nanotechnology to improve food security in upcoming years.

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