Innovative Educational Technologies In Teaching Theoretical Mechanics In Technical Areas Of Higher Educational Institutions

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Safarov Megli Djumayevich, Mirzayev Otabek Abdukarimovich, Murtazayev Eshmurod Mustafayevich, Norchayev Jaloliddin Rustamovich, Nurova Oliya Salomovna\


The article discusses the content, quantity and quality of education in technical universities, educational programs, technological reform, factors that determine the quality and effectiveness of training, as well as their improvement. The deformations of the tooth of the proposed sampling drum are analyzed. The dynamic pressure on the supports of the sampling drum is determined. when it rotates. The forces acting on the sampling drum in the sampling zone of the spinning machines are analyzed as far as possible. A graph of the dependence of the dynamic modulus of elasticity E on the displacement (settlement) ∆ of the end of the rubber of the rubber part of the sampling drum from the unstressed state is plotted.

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