The Potential Of Dark Tourism In Leyte Province

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Jeff Verlit D. Arcipe, Leah S. Tinga


This study was conducted with the objective to study the potential of dark tourism in the province of Leyte. The study primarily gathered information on the assessment of local government units and the business sectors on the extent to which development is being practiced after the locality experienced disaster. Specifically, it intended to answer the following questions, as assessed by the local government unit (LGU’s) and private business sectors, what is the extent to which the development of dark tourism in Leyte province is being practiced in the areas of: Planning; Organizing; and promotion will look into the assessment of the respondents and will suggest a proposal for improvement. Furthermore, utilized the descriptive survey method of research with the necessary planning and training which is needed to value the importance of Dark Tourism that will help give identity to the kind of tourism being offered by the region which is a product of collaboration among stakeholders, hospitable and well-equipped tourist guides and a well marketed tourist destination.

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