Social Influence And Organizational Leadership

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Andriana Eliadis


The study aims to explore and analyze the extensive literature review of the knowledge and tactics a leader can employ to benefit and maintain the sustainability of his/her organization and its people. This can transpire when a leader is knowledgeable and can apply social psychology concepts to influence and construct “more effective ways to create and sustain change” (Stober & Grant, 2006, p. 1) for the organization. Such leaders can empower their people, create a positive corporate culture, increase motivation, and at the same time improve their leadership strategy by focusing on the essential leadership issues. The data for this research were the comprehensive literature-based review and on the basis of those discussions, propositions were developed. The study offers a novel conceptual model that can be validated through empirical investigation. Moreover, the study offers several implications for social scientists, academic researchers, organizational leaders, and policy makers.

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