Effects Of Perceived Cost, Service Value, And Corporate Image On Customers' Behavioral Intentions In The Healthcare Insurance Industry In Delhi-Ncr.

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Ms Khushboo, Dr Rashi Banerji


Numerous developments in the health insurance and healthcare industries have hampered the expansion of health insurance as a healthcare financing method in India.  The present study investigates the effects of cost/service price perceptions on behavioral intentions and brand preferences (as moderated by customer satisfaction). It also determines the influence of perceived service value and the corporate image on brand preference and customer behavioral intentions. This study shows that happy consumers acquire a brand preference for the insurers that provide them with good services. This research adds to the body of knowledge in this field by demonstrating the favorable influence of perceived service costs on brand selection in the Indian healthcare insurance sector. This study addresses a knowledge vacuum by examining if a mediating impact of customer satisfaction exists in India's healthcare insurance sector and how powerful it is. Both the healthcare insurance business and the general public benefit from the research.

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