Numerical Analysis of the Impact of Magnetohydrodynamics on Steady Boundary Layer Slip Flow

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Yousef Methkal Abd Algani, Chitra M, Utpal Saikia, Sathiyaraj K, Firos A


We will look at Magneto hydrodynamics on two-dimensional steady boundary layer slip flow and heat transfer over a flat plate in this article. The governing flow equations' non-linear partial differential equations are modified into a system of coupled non-linear ordinary differential equations using appropriate similarity transformations, and the resulting equations are numerically solved using the Runge-kutta fourth order method and the shooting technique. For various governing parameters, the velocity and temperature distributions are determined. Graphs are used to investigate the impact of various non-dimensional parameters such as the Magnetic parameter and the Suction/Blowing parameter. For different values of the magnetic parameter, the skin-friction coefficient and the Local Nusselt number are compared to various slip parameters. With the support of graphs and table values, these findings are discussed.

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