Girish Karnad’s Wedding Album A Mockery on Indian Arranged Marriages

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Dr.Mohd Shamim, Dr.K.G.B.Santhosh Kumari, Vimochana M, Prema S, Anuradha S, T.Narayana


Marriage is a primary social institution of Indian society; it has been the license to the conjugal relationship in Indian society for ages. The transformations gone through by this institution have given way to various deviations from the usual arranged marriage such as love marriages, register marriages, inter-caste marriages etc. However, the predominance given to arranged marriages hasn’t reduced much.  The play Wedding Album by Girish Karnad vignettes on the typical Indian arranged marriages. On the crust,, the play may look like celebrating the formalities of Indian marriages whereas at the core it is a mere mockery on typical arranged marriages.

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