Digital Entrepreneurship and Its Role in Promoting the Digital Economy during the Covid-19 Crisis: A Study Applied On Al Jeraisy Industrial Group

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Alawia Saeed Othman Al-Zubair, Ghada Gamal Mohamed Ahmed, Salwa Dirar Awad,


 This study aimed to identify the extent to which Al Jeraisy companies have adopted digital entrepreneurship and its role in achieving and promoting the digital economy during COVID-19 in the Kingdom. The problem of the study was that the organization under study (Al-Jeraisy Group) is trying to prove its ability to deal with all the changes and challenges brought about by Covid-19, especially the challenge of the necessity of digitizing business. This requires smart systems and solutions in order to develop and enhance the overall performance that can attract customers by offering new and distinctive products and services. The study revealed that there are a number of challenges and obstacles in the use and application of the business intelligence system and the digitization of human resources in these companies, in addition to the difficulty of coordinating and unifying the information of the various dealers with them within programs and applications that enable them to raise their performance in smart ways. Based on this, the research problem can be crystallized with the following questions: What is the role of digital entrepreneurship in raising the company's overall performance, enhancing the digital economy and managing crises? What is meant by digital entrepreneurship and what is its importance in the companies in question? What is the digital economy and what are its most important dimensions?

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