The Role of the University in Promoting and Developing Entrepreneurial Education: A Case Study of Algeria

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The role of entrepreneurial projects in the economic systems of developed countries is increasing. It represents one of the driving forces for the occurrence of the new economic development. Moreover, entrepreneurship is based on innovation and change that leads to improved productivity and increased competitiveness. Therefore, it is considered an engine of economic growth for countries.

Entrepreneurship plays an important role in global economies, as it is currently considered one of the most prominent drivers of economic development, through the establishment of leading organizations that contribute to local development by providing job opportunities and increasing financial and economic returns. Entrepreneurship is also the process that helps create new economic activities through the processes it undertakes in terms of developing the production and distribution of products or services in order to contribute to economic development by establishing start-up companies in the technical field that lead to improved economic development. The role of the university in development and community service is manifested through encouraging the spirit of leadership, innovation, development, introducing sources and sources of funding for small projects and presenting successful models of entrepreneurs.

Based on this, developed countries rely on promoting pioneering education in the early school stages, in addition to the family environment, which encourages curiosity, questioning, and openness to everything new. Then comes the entrepreneurial education station at the university level, which is based on analysis and solving problems in creative ways, and encouraging critical thinking. This means that the current university educational programs can be able to create a pioneering orientation for the student and the community in addition to providing infrastructure and supportive mechanisms to promote and develop entrepreneurship, as well as encouraging the conduct of competitive scientific and applied research that benefits their societies, and taking care of the incubators of creativity and technology that operate to support and finance pioneering projects and provide them with technical support. Therefore, in this research paper, the role played by the Algerian University in promoting and spreading entrepreneurial education and entrepreneurial orientation will be discussed.

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