A Field-based Analysis of Bala's Depiction of Double Marginalization of Namasudra Refugees

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Joylal Das, Dr. Kulanand Yadav


Jatin Bala is a well-known Dalit author who has written a number of short stories. His short works are excellent examples of documentary realism relating to double marginalization of the Namasudra refugees. Marginalization is a social process in which a person or a group is pushed to the margins of society by depriving them of agency. The marginalized are denied access to a wide range of rights, opportunities, and resources. Class, caste, race, ethnicity, gender, skin colour, and religion can all be used to marginalise people. It can also be a case of double oppression, in which a person or a group is ostracized for more than one reason. Jatin Bala's short stories paint a vivid picture of Namasudra families' common histories of violence and anguish as a result of Bangladesh's partition and following riots. This article is a case study of their varied experiences of double marginalization as a result of their caste and refugee status. This article utilizing the data of survey attempts to validate the double marginalization of the Namasudras as presented in the short stories of Jatin Bala.

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