The Role of Mind Maps in Understanding and Memorizing the Qur’anic Verses Adh-Dhariyat Chapter Model

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Rana Qadri, Dr. Muhammad Al-Jitan


Braise be to Allah Who perfected the structure of the Qur’an thus made it one unit starting from its first word up to the last; its origin is stable and its branches are fruitful. Peace be upon the Prophet Muhammad, the prophet of mercy, his kinsfolk, followers, and the Qur’an masters.

Amongst the purposes of the Qur’an on which the Qur’anic verses and the prophetic sayings agreed is understanding, memorizing, and well recalling the verses of the Qur’an regardless of assisting tools that help in achieving such goals. In this contemporary century, the mind maps have appeared as a means to help introduce information and knowledge to brains adopting the maplike structure that resembles the neuron structure. As long as the way of introducing information is systematic, it can be easily memorized as well as remembered when required. Such a process makes use of creating images that resembles reality and knowledge as well as using zigzag lines similar to neuro cells.

This contemporary means, the mind map, is well exploited in comprehending, understanding, and memorizing the verses of the Qur’an; however, it should not be adopted freely; rather, it’s restricted by rules specific to the revealed Qur’an; these rules restrict picturing since there are verses that describe Allah and His characteristics, such issues are metaphysical and thus cannot be pictured.

We depend on certain sciences specific to Islam when exploiting mind maps in memorizing the Qur’an such as analytical interpretation, subject-based explanation, occasions of revelation and others. Thus, this study is used to employ such an approach to understand and memorize the verses of Adh-Dhariyat Chapter. This study is called “The Role of Mind map in understanding and memorizing the Qur’anic Verses; Adh-Dhariyat Chapter Model.

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