Challenges of English Language Teaching and Departmental Support in Secondary Schools: Experiences of Public Secondary Schools Teachers

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Muhammad Wasim Shahzad, Dr.Quratulain, Dr.Sidra Kiran, Adeel Abbas, Amna Shaheen, Syeda Itrat Imtiyaz Bukhari


The main aim of this study is to investigate the factors which create problems for English teachers. The secondary reason for conducting this study was to know about the departmental support to English teachers. The researcher has chosen a mix-method to explore the factors causing problems and departmental support to English teachers. By keeping this desire in view, English teachers of secondary level try to give their best to the students but unfortunately due to some basic factors they face many problems in teaching the learners effectively. Most of the secondary level English language learners even do not know the ABC of English. There is no focus on students’ language learning by their parents. The study results have been presented in the form of a table and interpretation of the semi-structured interviews. SPSS software is used to investigate the thematic analysis. Thematic analysis is described in the form of frequency, mean and standard deviation. The results show that there should be enough exposure to the language to learn English at the secondary level. Most of the students cannot study English at the Secondary level, but unfortunately, there is no system to stop and focus on making their base.

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