A Study on Employee Engagement and Its Effectiveness in Pandemic Time at Amara Raja Batteries Limited (Arbl)

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Dr. Patcha Bhujanga Rao, Dr. R. Sasikala


Industries form the backbone of social and economic development of any country. They emerged as the dynamic growing sectors in the world economy making larger contributions to the global output and employment. India is distinctive for the rapid growth of its industry – high-tech information technology, communications and business services in particular. In the present scenario where technology having revolutionized the work in every field and made spectacular progress, employers want employees to do their best or “reach the extra miles”, whereas employees want reasonable work that is worthwhile and being recognized while performing the job. In the current global development, the organizations are operating in a highly competitive environment and struggling to reposition themselves to their stakeholders. Employers are expecting their employees to be passionate about the work and lead the organizations to a greater height. The key of success being attainment of the goals at the workplace having high caliber employees that pay the way to set competitive advantage in global scenario. The key of success to attain goals at work place is the best positioning of high caliber employees who pave the way to uplift institution/ industry values going through competitive indicators of the markets in global scenario.

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