Design and Implementation of FPGA based Digital Controller for High Efficiency DC-DC Converter

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K.Palanivel Rajan, M.Vijayasanthi, Bashagoni Soujanya Yadav , R.Velmurugan, A.Vijayaprabhu


This paper presents a novel method for design and simulation of a high efficiency DC-DC converter using discrete control system in Field Programmable Gate Array device (FPGA). The digital designed controller is more advanced, beneficial and therefore produces a better response, as compared to the analog controller. Digital control of switching power supplies is becoming more and more common in industry today because of the availability of low cost, high performance. The newest generation of processors for embedded applications requires high performance power supplies. As a matter of fact, the new generation of power supplies are based on high speed switching DC/DC converters. The latest constraint makes very difficult task to implement a real time control system based on low performance controllers. This is the reason why digital control is becoming more and more popular for the construction of real time control systems. However, the main problem of using digital control is the requirement of having a good knowledge of the internal architecture and the associated languages for the development applications. The design of DC-DC converter operates at the switching frequency of 1MHz.This system can be implemented on system-on-chip devices easily. MATLAB Xilinx system generator toolbox based on Fixed-Point Arithmetic is used to design the discrete controller. Experimental results show that the proposed system leads to attain high efficiency.

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