Knowledge on Sexual and Reproductive Health Education among School Going Adolescent Boys in Rural Area

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Dr. P. Thavitha Thulasi, Dr. G. Malleswaramma


adolescents lack access to age- and sex-appropriate health information, which is vital for young people to make informed decisions about their reproductive and sexual health.  The present study was conducted with an objective to study the effectiveness of the interventionabout sexual and reproductive health education on knowledge, attitude, and menstrual practices of school-going adolescent boys.  It was an interventional study consisting of a pre-test, intervention session, and post-test conducted among 100 school-going adolescent boys in ZPH School in Tiruchanoor rural area of Tirupati. There was a statistically significant increase in knowledgescores, it is evident from the above table that majority of the (57%) respondents having low to moderate knowledge. The overall knowledge regarding reproductive health awareness was poor in 21(43%)(32 %), average in 12(25%) and good in 16 (32%) of the respondents. The level of awareness improved significantly with increase in class of respondent (P < 0.05)..  Age and sex-appropriate health education programs can facilitate the development of healthy reproductive and sexual behaviour patterns among adolescents through the enhancement of knowledge and development of right attitude.

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