Renovation waste Management in China

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You Yi, Boon Cheong Chew


Renovation is a crucial part on the urbanization drive in China. Despite it being a common practice in the country today,  there is a lack on the available studies regarding the subject. Renovation itself is discussed on various architectural and engineering websites as well as the urbanization drive in China that is pushing renovation. On the other hand, the sub-practice of waste management which is crucial on the process of renovation or construction and demolition in general is not provided with much attention. Currently, there is a high percentage of construction and demolition waste all over the country which is a issue that has been neglected by researchers. This study aims to fill that gap through the use of grounded-theory and secondary data gathering. The study concluded that there are existing sustainable renovation waste management practices that could be applied to the country as a response to the lack of studies and attention to the issue of renovation waste management in the country.

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